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The show must go on


Do you want to hear a story of everyday country folk – but especially of those who want to sing?


Harmony was formed in August 2021 and we already have 73 committed singers from the local community surrounding Peppard and Sonning Common. We meet every Thursday at the Peppard War Memorial Hall. We are mostly golden oldies with ages ranging 50-96 years but we are definitely in denial of anno domini. Throw away your sticks and crutches and just sing; our motto is “Have fun, enjoy, and go home happy”.

Our smartest move was to recruit Anne Fairbrother, our professional Musical Director who is leading us along a golden pathway to “opportunity knocks”.  Who knows: Peppard this year; in 2023 we could be a backing-group for Adele in Las Vegas. What is life without ambition? We are currently taking bookings for Christmas, the Queen’s Jubilee, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and …. general busking! Buddy, can you spare a penny, please?

If you want to join Harmony and come to our next free party, ring Barry Wood  on 01491 629982 and see how we have fun, enjoyment and go home happy..


The full version of this very amusing story can be found on our Facebook page and our website.

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