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If I were King or Queen for a Day…

In the morning, I would lie in my bed until 9.00 am, then I would get up and have a chef make me some blueberry muffins. I would get dressed into my flower dress and head out into the beautiful sun. After, I would go and get on a horse carriage and go around town (maybe doing a bit of shopping…) Then I would go for a lovely walk by the river with my parents and my sister. In the afternoon I would decide to throw the biggest afternoon tea ever! I would send royal invitations to the whole of London! We would eat sandwiches, teas, cakes, fruit salads, scones with jam and some suggestions from the local citizens. The tea party would start at 3.30pm in the afternoon until 5.30pm then I would finish the day with a delicious dinner.

Megan A

If I were King for a day, I would try my best to help the homeless, feed the hungry and cure the ill. I would eat royal food. I would like to pay my friends and family thousands of pounds. I would buy luxuries. I would appear at events and festivals. I could help people and make fair decisions; I would think hard about solutions. I might wear royal robes. I would have a blood-red throne with gold thumb-ring and a white palace. I would be relieved after the day was over and go to bed!


I would focus on the environment and make it my business to help it. I would first of all start off by putting the right materials in the right places. Rubber, metal and plastic can be reused or recycled, toilet waste can replace the rubbish in landfills and I would stop people burning things as it is bad for our lungs. I would make litter picking a common thing and ban cigarettes from public areas like ponds, playgrounds and farming areas, if they want to smoke they can gladly do it in their gardens or houses. I would then recommend starting to put out food and water for local birds or other garden animals to help them I’d encourage my subjects to have more potted plants in their houses and take care of our roads and pavements.


I would let everybody have 100 days off work to spend time with all their families and do gardening. Everyone could come and have cake and a cup of tea in my castle. I would make the world better and clear up all the litter. I would like to wear lots of pretty dresses.


I would feed all the poor and I would help Turkey and the Ukraine. I would make sure that England would win every World Cup Final. I would buy Reading Football Club so that women’s football can rise and get more fans. I will prove to people that men’s football isn’t better than women’s football; women should be equal to men. If I was Queen for the day, I would make sure racism is banned and also sexism. If I was Queen, woman and men would not be told what to do because of their gender. I would buy every tiger in the universe and be called ‘The Tiger Queen’.


If I were Queen for a day I would…

  • get twelve guinea pigs to roam about my palace

  • rescue as many animals as I can possibly find

  • go and see my favourite animal (elephant) in Africa

  • make an animal rescue centre in my garden

  • go and ride a horse around the park

  • give all homeless people a hot meal and some money

  • make a giant playground for kids

  • make my mum happy and rich and my dad have lots of Land Rovers

  • meet Emma Watson who acted in Harry Potter

  • make a giant theme park that anyone can go to!


If we were Queens for the day we would lower everyone’s taxes so everyone can have a better financial life. Also, every month we would donate 15K to every charity so that we can help support people. We would build more homeless shelters to provide people with a better life. We would knock down every house and turn it into a luxurious mansion so everyone will live in a gorgeous, modern house with a pool. We would say that the bigger the crime you commit the longer time you will spend in prison. All education will be free to anyone. If you are racist, sexist or homophobic you get sent to an island where you get taught what you did is completely unacceptable. You must write handwritten letters to the family/person and pay them a fine. Lastly, we would change the law so that we are Queens forever!

Luella and Lana

Sonning Common Primary School

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